Now: Big changes

November 5th, 2022

Holy cannoli. It’s been a while. Tomorrow I am running the NYC Marathon, and today felt like a good for “website maintenance.”

Let’s start with the BIG news! Two weeks ago, Kara and I got engaged in Green-Wood cemetery. It was a beautiful, calm morning. She had no idea it was coming. Maybe I’ll share more on this another time :)

The beginning of July marked my 5 year anniversary working with Louise. In August, we sat down for our annual review during which I revealed that I was feeling ready to move on. I gave Louise a lot of lead time, and am not planning on moving on until March or April of next year. To answer a few common questions:

I was supposed to run Boston back in April, but during my build up I got a little over zealous on one of my runs and over extended myself. Then just before the race, I came down with a cold and the most responsible decision was to stay home.

I was a bit banged up after that, and I haven’t trained as much as I would like leading up to the NYC Marathon. Then again, it might be perfect. I love the idea that I can just go out there, have fun and not feel the pressure of running fast.

As always, I’ve been continuing to chip away at Morning Type. I have recently starting building the site in public. There is a workbench, a log, RSS feeds, and transparency. I recently worked with Sean O’Connor of Instinctual Beings on a custom font for a dry cleaner business here in NYC. (More on that another time.) And I just finished lettering some titles for old college teammate and friend, Andrew Herzog.

That’s all for now :) Maybe more later.

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