Manila Folders

October 29th, 2017

Manila Folders is a music catalog of untitled folders. In a way, Manila Folders began in direct opposition of what seems to currently fuel the web—SEO, click-baity article names, likes, personalized content, ads, etc. And in another way, Manila Folders is simply a natural reflection of my own diverse interests in music.

There is no focus on any single genre. There are no intended themes. There is no standard of quality, length, or medium. Instead, this is a gathering of musical observations and experiences. Think of this less as a music blog and more so as the beginning stages of a collage. What is being collaged has yet to be discovered, and so each clipping isn’t concerned as much with your musical tastes as it is with your willingness to listen.

Manila Folders is intentionally difficult to navigate, because the goal of the untitled folder names was to step away from our own preferences and instead introduce a level of serendipity we often loose on the web. Even I forget what I’ve placed in some of these folders and it’s always a pleasant surprise to open one. I hope others are able to receive that some experience.

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