Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Trail

September 10th, 2021

After moving, I have substituted side streets lined with warehouses and welders for stop signs and houses with actual yards. While there is less honking and less dodging of cars, I miss the grittiness of running through some of my old neighborhoods.

However, I know that with time I will come to appreciate my new neighborhood for what it has to offer. In fact, as I slowly increase the length of my runs, I am getting the opportunity to explore my new surroundings.

The most recent find is the Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Trail which is a 3/4 mile gravel trail along the Shell Bank Creek. At the moment, it is hilariously overgrown in areas but extremely charming. Seeing bunnies scurry down the trail or guinea fowl dart into the brush feels special. And I was not prepared for how much joy that would bring me.

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