Now (Then)

August 29th, 2020

At work:

Working on a rosé label, pizza labels, a website for a tree gifting company, packaging for them as well, packaging for an international jam company, and as always there are some fonts are in progress.

In life:

I’ve been doing a lot of biking since I haven’t really been running. This has been absolutely integral to maintaining my sanity this deep into the pandemic and this deep into being injured. It’s been great venturing up to central park, and finding other places to explore.


Recently just finished Ijeoma Oluo’s So You Want to Talk About Race, and am now reading Joshua Bennett’s Being Property Once Myself.

With running:

Been battling a hamstring issue since March/April. 😭

For fun:

I’ve started looking into how I can interact with .fit files from my Garmin watch. This spurred after asking on Twitter if there’s a decentralized version of Strava. Might combine my efforts with Drawbot to make some graphics 👀

On this website:

As always, this is being edited and updated. More specifically, I need to continue backlogging old posts from my last website.

Recent additions to the site include:

Now (Then)

Now (Then)