Learning to skate again

June 26th, 2022

After my buddy Sean invited me out to the Rockaway Skatepark earlier this summer, I’ve been getting back on my board and learning to skate again.

Feeling inspired by the session with Sean, on June 4th I decided to ride out to check out the Bayswater park which is also out on Rockaway but a bit further way. I was out on an actual bike ride, so I didn’t have my board with me unfortunately.

The next day I went out to St. Mary’s skatepark beneath the subway in Gowanaus/Carroll Gardens area. This was literally my second time on the board in years. It’s funny remembering how good a front board feels. Also skated the mini ramp a bit but didn’t film anything.

And today I turn 28 🥳 so I finally ventured out to the Canarsie park which is pretty close by. It’s a rad park!

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