Branding Requires a Chair

December 07, 2017

Identity design is like a poem, you mustn’t knock the reader over the head. And like a poem, it should invite them in, and do only what it must to preserve their curiosity and interest. You see—when you are lighting a fire by hand and a few embers emerge, all you must do is gently blow on it until it catches flame. Smothering it with air will simply extinguish it. Building a brand is no different.

The Camera Lens As Microscope

Investigating the Relationship of Person and Place

July 08, 2017

The lens carries the connotation of clarity—in pulling closer to and focusing in on the subject, photography and video capture a particular set of expectations within a place which attempts to remove the frame and become “truth.” Between painter Hank Schmidt in der Beek, knitting artist Sam Barsky, and performance artist George Ferrandi, the synthesis of photography and their respective art forms stems beyond a means of documentary and becomes a contemporary investigation in the role of context and the significance of place. The lens in each of their cases becomes a microscope through which we observe how an individual can take control of a place and manipulate the expectations that come with it. These participatory projects which engage the artist reveal the role of the individual in place and how participation can breed a mutually beneficial relationship.

To Kill A BlueBird

The Process of Branding Common Kin Bakery

January 17, 2017

The branding for Common Kin was originally completed at Twin Forrest. This process article was first published on Medium and has only been slightly modified. A special thanks to Matt Yow for helping edit this article.

How to Paint a Brick Wall

January 05, 2017

“I remember a backdrop of a brick wall I painted for a play. I painted each red brick in by hand. Afterwards it occurred to me that I could have just painted the whole thing red and put in the white lines.”

—Joe Brainard